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UPDATE -- 8/10/18 On September 4, 2018, All Cyber Security Awareness training records will be purged (includes completed/partially completed records). All Staff are required to complete Cyber Security Awareness training by Friday November 9, 2018. Read more here

IDS: Blackboard 4: Interactive Tools

Hours: 2

Blackboard's integrated interactive tools give you the ability to facilitate interaction and communication with and amongst your students. Use these tools to create opportunities for self-reflection, conversation and collaboration. In this workshop, you will learn about the basics of creating and using discussion boards, journals, wikis and blogs.

This workshop is offered as a self-paced course in Blackboard. Once you register for this course, IDS will be notified and will enroll you in the Blackboard course within two business days. You will be notified when the enrollment process is complete and you can start the course.

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