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IDS: Team up to Engage Students with Cross-curricular Instruction

Hours: 2

Research data shows that cross-curricular instruction promotes students' critical thinking skills, creativity and motivation (Barnes, 2007; Dwyer, 1995; Fagan, 1987; Marzano, 1991). This approach provides a framework for learning with goals and outcomes derived from multiple fields of study. Learning activities may center around themes, issues or relevant experiences so that students solve real world (authentic) problems. This workshop introduces the concept of cross-curricular instruction through examples as models for design and development. You also have the option to submit a proposal for a cross-curricular project. This contribution will be archived so ACC faculty who are interested in developing cross-curricular instruction can locate potential partners or find ideas.

Date Time Location Presenter
ONLINE - AVAILABLE THROUGH 01/01/2018Shih-Ting Lee 


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