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TLED: Discover Your Blind Spots: Teach for All Students

Hours: 2

Through exercises, discussions, and presentations, faculty will strengthen their knowledge of equitable practices. We will explore a framework that will improve the retention and success of students from historically underserved communities. We will also discuss how to adapt teaching methods to engage students using equity designed principles.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Distinguish the difference between Equity and Equality Recognize the importance of emotional engagement to student retention and success
  • Utilize Dr. Singleton’s CCAR (Courageous Conversations about Race) protocol when engaging in conversations about race
  • Identify ways in which society privileges some individuals over others
  • Discuss the relationship between race and student outcomes

Fall 2021 Dates

Click on the links below to access the online workshop via Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Wednesday, 9/1. Link coming soon
  • Thursday, 10/7. In-person at Highland Campus
  • Friday, 11/5. Link coming soon

Date Time Location Presenter
10/07/202110:00am-12:00pmHLC TBDChelsea Biggerstaff 

11/05/202110:00am-12:00pmOnlineChelsea Biggerstaff 


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