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eStaffing System Exemption Procedure

FINAL Procedure: Request for Exemption from Using the ACCeStaffing System

Date: January 18, 2007

Updated: February 19, 2013

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to provide workforce and academic department chairs with a way to request exemption from the ACCeStaffing system for staffing adjunct faculty when it is determined that departments are sufficiently unique to the point that eStaffing is unable to meet the requirements of ACC Administrative Rules regarding Adjunct Faculty staffing.

All departments are required to use the appointment and eligibility, and MSTA application/approval eligibility modules.

 Criteria for Requesting Exemption:

  • Unique workload assignment needs
  • Unique course/section needs
  • Unique departmental needs


  • Submit requests to Committee: In advance of the February meeting
  • Committee reviews requests: During the February meeting
  • Committee sends recommendation to VP of Instruction: The day following the February meeting
  • Notification to requesting department: One week after the February meeting


Step Description Responsibility

Department Chair submits "ACC eStaffing Exemption Request" form to the Dean. The ACCeStaffing committee will review and track all exemptions annually.

Request must include the following information:

  • Department
  • Department Chair name
  • ACC Phone number
  • ACC Email address
  • Number of adjunct sections staffed each long semester
  • Number of adjunct faculty on eligibility list in each department
  • Reason for exemption
  • Exemption request from Preferences, Assignment and/or Acceptance processes.


No exemptions will be approved until the VP of Instruction has signed off.

Department Chair


After approval Dean, submits exemption request to the chair of the ACCeStaffing committee.



Chair of ACCeStaffing committee adds request to the agenda of next meeting and sends request to members for review.

ACCeStaffing Chair


Committee reviews request. Department Chair will be invited to meeting.

ACCeStaffing Committee


Committee approves or declines request and sends decision to the AVP of IT for review.

ACCeStaffing Committee


AVP reviews the ACCeStaffing committee’s decision and sends written recommendation to VP of Instruction.



VP of Instruction reviews the ACCeStaffing Committee's recommendation and sends written response with decision to AVP, Dean, Department Chair and ACCeStaffing Committee Chair.

VP of Instruction


ACCeStaffing Committee notifies IT whether department is exempt and should be excluded from Preferences, Assignment and/or Acceptance processes of the ACCeStaffing system.

ACCeStaffing Committee Chair