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PowerPoint has become one of the most common classroom technologies. But today's college students expect more than bulleted lists. It's time to rethink your presentation style, and redefine what PowerPoint can do. Alan Ackmann shows how to create more interactive and dynamic lessons by reimaging how PowerPoint can be used. Learn what presentation styles are most valuable to students, and how key theories support the use of PowerPoint for cognition and knowledge transfer. Then explore the many different uses of PowerPoint, from archiving to screen-casting. Alan reviews principles of effective slide design, including recommended use of color, space, text, and animation. He leaves you with some "before and afters" that show how presentations for different types of college classrooms can be optimized and redesigned for specific audiences.

Topics include:
- Theories about slideware
- PowerPoint for archiving
- PowerPoint for live webinars
- PowerPoint for screen-casting
- Avoiding distracting elements
- Selecting meaningful images and charts - Animating with purpose
- PowerPoint in math, liberal arts, and science classes

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