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IDS: Create Exams with Respondus/Secure Exams with BB Respondus LockDown Browser Tool

Hours: 2

After completing this workshop, participants will have the skills to create and make available a Blackboard exam using the Respondus Desktop Application. Participants will be able to set the exam to be either secure or non-secure using the Blackboard LockDown Browser Tool. There is a video demonstration for each major topic followed by step-by-step directions with graphics.

1) Please click on "Enroll me" below.
2) Begin the module by clicking on the link below.
3) To successfully complete the workshop use the Respondus Desktop Application to create and upload an exam (i.e. at least 2 questions) to Blackboard and then use the Blackboard Lockdown Browser tool to make the exam secure.
4) Send an email to with the name of your exam and a request to view your secure exam in Blackboard to receive professional development credit.

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