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TLED: Set up the Hybrid Classroom for Success

Hours: 2

This class is offered as a self-paced course in Blackboard and enrollment is a two step process.

  1. Enrolling through this database by selecting the enrollment button below.
  2. Manual enrollment in Blackboard by IDS.

    The instructor will be notified automatically by this database when you enroll. He/she will then enroll you in the Blackboard course.

The enrollment process takes up to two business days to complete.

The purpose of this workshop is to prepare faculty for developing their own hybrid courses.
Hybrid courses are taught on campus AND online over the Internet.

The information in this workshop covers essential topics of creating and teaching hybrid courses at Austin Community College (ACC). This workshop is intended to be a resource to consult, as you go through the process of creating your courses.

There are four modules in this workshop and they each center around important questions in hybrid learning.

Module 1: Definition
-What is a hybrid class?

Module 2: Benefits & Challenges
- What are the benefits and potential challenges of teaching hybrid courses?

Module 3: Design & Development
- What needs to be taken into account for design and development of hybrid courses?
- What are some ideas for engaging instructional activities for hybrid classes?

"Module 4: Learning Communities
- What are learning communities?
- How do we set up one in our classes?

If you do not receive access to the course in Blackboard in two business days after your enrollment, please contact Shih-Ting Lee (

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