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Based on the new PD admin rule, starting this fiscal year only 3 hours of professional development will be rolled over for the new year. Refer to the updated rule and guidelines here
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SSD20: Just Like the Cool Kids: Teaching from Your Phone

Hours: 1

SSD20: Just Like the Cool Kids: Teaching from Your Phone Hours: 1 Many of our students are using their phones to access our online sessions. Did you know you also teach from your phone? This session will demonstrate how to teach using a Collaborate and Google Meet with just your mobile phone (works from tablets as well).

A participant walks away with:
  • Learn how to setup and deliver a full classroom experience via their phones
  • Incorporate both Blackboard Collaborate and Google Meet into the classroom strictly through their phones

This workshop will is apart of the Faculty Development Department's Asynchronous Workshops that are available for anyone to take at a time that is most convenient.

  • Click on the "Enroll Me" link below.
  • Watch the video and answer questions.
  • Enter your email at the end of each video for credit.

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