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SSD19: Creating Class support Apps Using Google Sheets and Glide Apps

Hours: 1.25

If you can type, copy and paste, and click on buttons, then you have the skills to create a mobile app using Google Sheets and Glide Apps. These web apps can be as simple directory or calendar information all the way up to full graduate level courses with multimedia. This workshop will share a library of apps already created then guide participants in creating their own app from scratch. We will also provide Google Sheets from existing apps that participants can modify and create their own versions.

At the completion of this session, participants will be able to:

•Create web based mobile apps without programming knowledge
•Create spreadsheets
•Develop usable and accessible information in a web-based format

Dr. Herb Coleman, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Student Development, has over 30 years of classroom instruction and implementation of technology to support instruction. Recently retired as Director of Classroom Technology Services, Dr. Coleman continues to teach and research instruction and technology as well as train faculty in use of educational technology. He recently presented at national conventions on Clickers, Team-Based Learning, Digital Signage, VR in the Classroom and Google Classroom. He has been an affiliate member of the American Psychological Association, a member of TCEA, ISTE, CCUMC, the Dell North American Consumer Advisory Council, and the Team-Based Learning Collaborative. He is also a Plicker Ambassador.

Date Time Location Presenter
07/26/20191:15pm-2:30pmHLC ACCelerator Zone 2Herbert L. Coleman 


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