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SS: Faculty - Degree Map Training Sessions

Hours: 2

FACULTY TRAINING - Help Students plan to succeed. Students, Faculty Members, Advisors and Counselors use Degree Map to plan courses; monitor degree progress; compare plans, time to completion, and cost for degrees; track loan debt and PELL grants; and share notes from advising meetings. Training will go over the latest updates of Degree Map. Co-Presenter will be Civitas Representative Lori MacNabb

Date Time Location Presenter
09/29/201610:00am-12:00pmSAC 1130Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

10/04/201610:00am-12:00pmEVC 9209Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

10/04/20163:00pm-5:00pmNRG 2244Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

10/06/20168:30am-10:30amRVS 8131Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

10/06/20162:00pm-4:00pmHLC 2214Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

10/13/201610:00am-12:00pmRRC 2330Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

10/13/20162:00pm-4:00pmRGC 229Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/02/201610:00am-12:00pmRRC 2330Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/02/20162:00pm-4:00pmCYP 2129Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/04/201610:00am-12:00pmHLC 2414Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/04/20162:00pm-4:00pmSAC 1311Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/09/20169:00am-11:00amRVS 9142Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/09/20163:00pm-4:30pmNRG PB-1Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/16/20168:30am-11:00amEVC 9209Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 

11/16/20163:00pm-5:00pmRGC 229Antonia Ceballos-Cruz 


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