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Making a Life While Making a Living: Working-Life Balance

Hours: 1.5

Ever feel torn between work and fun time with the family? Do you have enough “me” time? Identify various ways to achieve balance with your personal, family, and work responsibilities. The conflicting demands of work and home can create stress and zap the time and energy needed to get everything done. In this seminar participants will find answers that will allow them to be more effective and more satisfied with both their home and their work lives. Competing demands will be identified, and an assessment of central life goals will contribute to an understanding of how to achieve improved work‐life balance. You will learn to • Identify the sources that keep you out of balance • Determine the meaning of work‐life balance • Learn time management strategies for effectively managing multiple demands • Discuss the benefits of prioritizing important events • Explore the role of delegation and communication with others • Develop an action plan to balance work and life demands Presented by EAP Deer Oaks

Date Time Location Presenter
07/09/20152:00pm-3:30pmHBC 411.0Vanessa Medina-Flores 


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