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Based on the new PD admin rule, starting this fiscal year only 3 hours of professional development will be rolled over for the new year. Refer to the updated rule and guidelines here
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SDD15: The Shelby Principle, Respect, Communication and Relationship Building. A foundation for Leadership- by LJ Smith

Hours: 1.5

This is an Introductory / Baseline session. In this session we discuss; Respect, Communication and Relation/Team Building. These are building blocks of an organization, family, team or group. They control the outcomes of every organization. In the new age of technology, communication is becoming more electronic. The need for personal interaction is few and far between. When there is no interaction, each individual starts to assume and perceive things based upon their own experiences and not necessarily that of the person their communicating with. This leads to conflict and discourse within the organization. In this session individuals will take a look at the culture of their organizations, what they contribute to it and began the process of truly communicating to enhance to organization.

LJ Smith has worked in various capacities of the Workforce Development. He has worked in the technology; call center and non-profit industries since 1984, including marketing, sales, training, technical support, management and entrepreneurial ventures. For 5 ˝ years, he was involved in providing “Digital Opportunities” with SkillPoint Alliance (formerly the Capital Area Training Foundation). Starting as a volunteer, he soon became a part-time instructor teaching computer skills in a community outreach program at local high schools. He then became a fulltime site coordinator and lead in setting up a second site from the ground up under the U.S. Department of Education “Digital Divide Initiative.” His final position was Director of Operations for the entire program.

He has an extensive background in call center management, sales, sales training and development. He worked as Trainer, Trainer-Supervisor, Team Manager, Process Improvement Analyst, Master Trainer, and Senior Training Manager for B.C. Harris Publishing/Harris Connect (the nations largest publisher of alumni directories). While there, he developed and implemented a national management and employee sales training program for the company. He has also done extensive national training with CTCnet (an international non-profit organization with over 1200 members worldwide) and National Seminars Group, Padget-Thompson, having taught numerous topics.

He’s delivered workforce development training and consultation designed to improve and enhance employee, manager/supervisor, and executive leadership skills, for Alliance Work Partners, a non-profit EAP (Employee Assistance Program) with over 400 clients in the public and private sectors. He delivered over 200 sessions to city, county and states agencies across Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. He is currently President and Facilitator for Shelby Softskills Development, a company founded on the Shelby Principle of Leadership and Life. They provide webinars and in person workshops “globally” to all current and aspiring Leaders!

Date Time Location Presenter
01/16/20159:00am-10:30amHBC 201.0Christina A Michura 


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