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Based on the new PD admin rule, starting this fiscal year only 3 hours of professional development will be rolled over for the new year. Refer to the updated rule and guidelines here
Administrative Rule
Guidelines for Staff
Guidelines for Faculty

TLED: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Basics

Hours: 1


This workshop will provide a rundown of the program and how to use it for class and/or office hours.

  • Identify the features and benefits of Collaborate
  • Identify user roles in Collaborate
  • Identify how to access Collaborate
  • Schedule a Collaborate session
  • Recognize user interface tools
  • Identify how to leave a session
  • Explain raised hands
  • Identify how to use chat
  • Explain how to configure and use audio and video
  • Recognize how to share files
  • Identify how to share applications
  • Identify how to share your entire screen
  • Demonstrate how to create breakout rooms

  • Link to web conference:

Date Time Location Presenter
10/27/20202:00pm-3:00pmOnlineVincent J Ledesma 


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