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Brown Bag: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in a Culture of Communication

Hours: 1

Participants will be able to define emotional intelligence (EQ), describe how EQ affects workplace relationships, enhance self-awareness by identifying emotional cues, recognize the role of emotional contagion in developing a positive workplace culture, and use EQ to enhance workplace communication.

Date Time Location Presenter
10/16/201912:00pm-1:00pmSVC 1-133Kelly A Stockstad 

10/16/201912:00pm-1:00pmHBC 301.7Theresa E Glenn 

10/16/201912:00pm-1:00pmSAC 1137James Stephens 

10/16/201912:00pm-1:00pmNRG 4220Jeffrey L Stringer 

10/16/201912:00pm-1:00pmRVS 9110Gretchen A. Harries 

10/16/201912:00pm-1:00pmRRC 1211.00Shannon M Debord 

10/16/201912:00pm-1:00pmHLC Accelerator, room 1101Christopher J Vidrine 


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