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DE: Engage Students with VoiceThread Self-Paced Course

Hours: 2

This self-paced class will start on April 5. The course will not available until then.

This class is offered as a self-paced course in Blackboard. Enrollment is a two-step process. The enrollment process takes up to two business days to complete.

  1. Enroll through this database by selecting the enrollment button below.
  2. Manual enrollment is required in Blackboard.

An Instructional Designer will be notified automatically by this database when you enroll. The ID will then enroll you in the Blackboard course.

In this course, faculty can learn to create interactive multimedia presentations that engage students, making it easier to share content and build community.

VoiceThread is integrated with our Blackboard courses here at ACC. VoiceThread makes it easy to add and narrate PowerPoints, images, documents, and videos. Faculty and students may create a VoiceThread comment to a VoiceThread presentation using text, audio, video (webcam), or record a comment via their phone. This interactive tool can be used for ice breakers, narrated content presentation, language learning activities, graded assignments, or student portfolios.

Participants will:

  • Add a VoiceThread to their Blackboard course content area
  • Set up the Voicethread link
  • Create a graded assignment
  • Insert media into their VoiceThread slideshow
  • Create a text comment
  • Explain How to Edit a VoiceThread
  • Recall How to Grade a VoiceThread
  • View VoiceThread Universal

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