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If you are feeling siloed in your office and missing the energy that comes from a more collegial atmosphere, then a Chalk Talk is for you! The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is hosting monthly “Chalk Talk: A Meetup for Faculty” at each ACC campus, organized by an ACC faculty campus ambassador. This Meetup is your standing reservation each month to connect with and learn from your teaching colleagues. The FCTL is excited to bring faculty out of their silos and create a collaborative culture – light refreshments provided!

To ensure that we have enough light refreshments for everyone, please be sure to update your enrollment status as it changes.

For more details, contact Nagham Awadallah, at

Date Time Location Presenter
02/04/201610:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

03/03/201610:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

04/07/201610:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

05/05/201610:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

10/13/201611:00am-12:00pmCYP Faculty / Staff Lounge (2204.16)Nagham F Awadallah 

11/10/201611:00am-12:00pmCYP Faculty / Staff Lounge (2204.16)Nagham F Awadallah 

12/08/201611:00am-12:00pmCYP Faculty / Staff Lounge (2204.16)Nagham F Awadallah 

02/09/201711:00am-12:00pmCYP Faculty/Staff Lounge – RM 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

03/09/201711:00am-12:00pmCYP Faculty/Staff Lounge – RM 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

04/13/201711:00am-12:00pmCYP Faculty/Staff Lounge – RM 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

09/19/201710:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

10/17/201710:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

11/21/201710:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 

12/12/201710:00am-11:00amCYP 2204.16Nagham F Awadallah 


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