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TLED: High Impact Practices-Summer Institute on Service Learning

Hours: 10

The Summer Institute on Service-Learning, hosted through Blackboard Collaborate, will introduce you to the fundamentals of service-learning. Topics covered include how to develop an academically relevant service project, facilitate meaningful post-service reflection, evaluating service-learning students, and more! Participants will walk away from this training with a completed course plan, the first step toward implementing their very own service-learning section. Participants can choose to attend meetings on Tuesdays or Fridays, based on their schedule, but must participate in all six Collaborate Lessons for full credit. This training is also offered as a self-paced course in Blackboard. All participants will be invited to join the Blackboard course for immediate access to all of the readings and resources covered during the Collaborate sessions.

Date Time Location Presenter
1:00pm-3:00pmVideo Blackboard Collaborate-TuesdaysSabryna A Groves 

Enrollment full06/26/2020
1:00pm-3:00pmVideo Blackboard Collaborate-FridaysSabryna A Groves 


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