International Marketing Management

International Marketing Management


Credit Fall 2018
08/27/2018 - 12/16/2018

Course Information

Section 001
T 18:00 - 20:50
HLC1 2219
Mortada Mohamed

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Course Requirements


a. Tests:  300 points

All 3 tests will cover the material included in the textbook chapters, lectures and other material, as determined. The four tests are equally-weighted exams.

b. Marketing Plan: Written Report and Presentation:  100 points

There are two components to the grade – an evaluation of the paper (140 points) and an evaluation of the presentation (60 points).  Refer to the Marketing Plan Outline Format and Grading Rubric on course Blackboard  for specifics.

 c. Chapter Review Quizess:  100 points

The graded homework consists of multiple choice and/or essay questions, each week. These questions will serve as a review of the materials covered in the reading, case study and lectures each week. The topics covered in the weekly homework will serve as a valuable study guide for the exam.

d. Participation and Attendance: 100 points

It is expected that all students will read the assigned material prior to class and, actively participate in class discussions.   This class discussion provides an opportunity for you to develop abilities in communicating with others. This is important. After graduation you will spend much of your professional career doing just that -


90 – 100

A = Excellent performance. Work is exemplary and worthy of emulation by others. Student is in full attendance and constructively contributes to the learning environment.


80 – 89

B = Above average performance.  All assignments are complete and exhibit a complete understanding and an ability to apply concepts.


70 – 79

C = Average performance.   Accomplishes only the minimum requirements. Oral and written communication is at an acceptable level for a graduate student.


60 – 69

D = Demonstrates understanding at the most rudimentary level.  Work is minimally passing.


0 – 59

F= Work is not passing, characterized by incompleteness, lateness, unsatisfactory demonstration of understanding and application.



Textbook:  International Marketing by   Cateora 16th Edition. ISBN 9780073529974.

Online Resources:

Textbook web site


Interpretive Solutions   Simulation

Course Subjects

This course focuses on the analysis of international marketing strategies using market trends, costs, forecasting, pricing, sourcing, and distribution factors. The final project is the development of an international marketing plan for a product. 

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the student will be able to address how to conduct international market development, such as market segmentation, defining a target market segment(s), and a marketing mix to support targeted segments in the context of the firm's global environment. The student will be able to discuss the process of international marketing from a strategic and operational viewpoint; and prepare an international marketing plan for a product or service.