Film Appreciation

Film Appreciation


Summer 2013
05/28/2013 - 08/13/2013

Course Information

Section 001
TTh 14:15 - 17:20
EVC9 9225
Richard Cutler

Office Hours

No office hours have been entered for this term

Course Requirements

 Semester Grading System:

3 papers @10 points each          = 30

@ quizzes, 10 points each          = 20

10 sets Chapter Review

Questions (See Note)                 = 25

Written Final                                  = 10

Objective Final                             = 10

Journal                                         = 05

            Total points                   = 100


(90 - 100 points)  = Excellent = A

(80 - 89)            = Very Good = B

(70 - 79)                    = Good = C

(60 - 69)                       = Fair = D

(0 - 59)                       = Poor  = F

Note: Chapter Review Questions replace quizzes and are same value.




Text: Chapter study References are to Barsam & Monahan, Looking At Movies(LAM)(4th ed.)

Course Subjects


Summary lecture on “What is film analysis?”


Class Introductions


View Looking At Movies (LAM) Tutorials.

Syllabus & Assignments.

Sign up for news and review questions.


Preview homework



Short films from tutorial.

Practice making thumbnail notes.

View short film for sequences

1) Remember sequence of scenes/shots, i.e., the story. Pass out work sheet with instructions and example of sequence outline from Swain.

Compete recall.



Must have book


Start viewing  film (TBA) (:60)

Discuss themes and support. (:15)

Practice finding a theme and support for its presence. (:45)

Review paper writing process. (:20)





Finish viewing  film (:60)

Re-screen film as needed. Work in class on 1st paper.

View sequences from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Learn elements of Expressionism. 1st

Paper before class

View Great Train Robbery.

View tutorial on genres


Ch.1 Q&A

Ch.2 Q & A



Discuss Ch.1 Q & As.(:30)

Discuss Ch.2 Q & As.

View examples of genres: e.g., Stagecoach & The Searchers




Discuss Ch. 3, Genre, Q & A’s

Return Paper#1

View Westerns: Stagecoach & The Searchers



Continue viewing  genres

Paper #1 revised

Objectives: Introduction to the elements of narrative and their affective impact. Be able to name them.





Discuss Ch. 4 Q & As. Practice identifying narrative elements from Ch. 4.



Ch 4 Q & A


Return Paper#2

Practice distinguishing Story & Plot

DVD tutorial on Form & Content.

Discuss Q & As for Ch 4.



Ch.5 Q & A

Review elements of Mise-en-scene.

View Run Lola, Run


Paper #2 revised

Tutorial on Mise-en-scene, Ch. 1, Juno.  View Run Lola, Run




Practice mise-en-scene



Ch.6 Q & A

Discuss Ch. 6 Q & As.

Practice naming shots.

Return Paper #3




Ch.7 Q & As

Practice Acting Critiques









Paper#3 revised

Introduce the Hero’s Journey






Ch 8Q & As


Describe the film in terms of the Hero’s Journey.

Discuss Ch 8 Q & As




View Battleship Potemkin.


Ch 9Q & As


Tutorial on Editing & Sound




Return paper#4

Introduction to Auteur Theory




View DVD and discuss Welles as Auteur
















Lecture overview of all theories






View & Critique films of choice.

Experimental films





View & Critique films of choice.

Experimental films















Review for final




Written Final


Last Class.  Objective final

 Subject to change

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives


  • View and deconstruct films from a variety of interpretive perspectives: filmic, literary, and gaming, according to modern conventions of analysis.
  • Become aware of socio-economic/cultural conditions that are reflected in films;
  • Be introduced to scientific theories of perception;
  • Appreciate artistic and literary modes of expression (namely genre films) as vehicles for cultural values and ideology;
  • Adopt critical ways of thinking about experience, life, reality, etc.