Web Design Tools

Web Design Tools


Spring 2013
01/14/2013 - 05/12/2013

Course Information

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Office Hours

  • T Th
    10:20am - 12:50pm
    SAC 1207.1


Course Description

“Designing and publishing Web documents. Course includes graphic design issues and exploration of tools available for creating and editing Web documents.” (College Catalog description)


You must have competency in file management and using computer applications. If you do not meet these prerequisites, then you must obtain departmental approval.

Course Rationale

This course is a beginning course about web page/site development and is a required course in the Web Programming A.A.S. Degree Program and the Web Developer Specialist Certificate. 

Instructional Methodology

The instructor delivers the in-class section of this course by 2 textbooks, Blackboard content and lab activities.

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

Learning Outcomes / Objectives

At the completion of this course, with the use of a Web development software tool, students should be able to:

  • Apply Web design concepts and techniques to plan, create, test, publish, and manage Web sites.
  • Compare & contrast various web development tools.
  • Use the systems design approach to design web sites with the following steps:
    • Define the purpose.
    • Identify the audience.
    • Design the content.
    • Design the web site theme and navigation structure.
    • Design & develop the Web pages including:
      • Hyperlinks
      • Lists
      • Tables
      • Frames
      • Forms
      • Images
      • Dynamic effects.
    • Evaluate the web site & web pages.
  • Identify, not create, XHTML elements and JavaScript code on web pages. 

Scans Competencies


Uses computers to process information.


Monitors and Corrects Performance:  Distinguishes trends, predicts impacts on system operations, diagnoses systems performance, and corrects malfunctions.


Improves or Designs Systems:  Suggests modifications to existing systems and develops new or alternative systems to improve performance.


Selects Technology:  Chooses procedures, tools, or equipment, including computers and related technologies.


Applies Technology to Task:  Understands overall intent and proper procedures for setup and operation of equipment.


Maintains and Troubleshoots Equipment:  Prevents, identifies, or solves problems with equipment, including computers and other technologies.


Arithmetic:  Performs basic computations; uses basic numerical concepts such as whole numbers, etc.


Mathematics:  Approaches practical problems by choosing appropriately from a variety of mathematical techniques.


Listening:  Receives, attends to, interprets, and responds to verbal messages and other cues.


Decision Making:  Specifies goals and constraints, generates alternatives, considers risks, and evaluates and chooses best alternative.


Problem Solving:  Recognizes problems and devises and implements plan of action.


Seeing Things in the Mind’s Eye:  Organizes and processes symbols, pictures, graphs, objects, and other information.


Integrity/Honesty:  Chooses ethical courses of action. 


Textbook #1

Web Design: Introductory, 4th Edition
Authors: Shelly, G. & Campbell, J.
Publisher: Course Technology, Cengage Learning, 2012.
ISBN-13: 978-0-538-48240-0
ISBN-10: 0-538-48240-0

Textbook #2

Microsoft Expression Web 3 – Illustrated Complete
Author: Julie Riley
Publisher: Course Technology, 2011
ISBN 13: 978-0-538-74955-8
ISBN 10: 0-538-74955-5

Note: You will be able to download and install Microsoft Expression Web software for free as a student in this course. You will receive instructions on the first day of the semester.

Course Requirements

Course Grade

Students’ final course grade is the average of web design and development Exams and Lab Projects.

  • Web Design – 2 Exams (multiple choice questions)

  • Web Development – 4 Exams (multiple choice questions)

  • Web Development – 4 Lab Projects


Exams are closed book, multiple choice exams.
(In-class sections) You will take the exams on scheduled days during class time.
(Distance sections) You will take the exams in any of the ACC Testing Centers on or before their respective deadline dates.

Students are able to see their exam grades in the Blackboard course management system.

Lab Projects

Lab Projects are open book, web development skill projects. Students will independently complete the projects and then submit their project files to Professor Smith for grading.

Students will be able to see their Lab Project grades in the Blackboard course management system. 



Time Expectation

Professor Smith informs you that you should expect to spend approximately 2 hours of time doing course work outside of class for each 1 hour of in-class time per week

Fall & Spring semesters

16 week Course

In-class Sections

Distance Sections

Class Time

Time (Weekly)

Total Time

Total Time

ITSE 1401 Web Design Tools

6 hr

12 hr

18 hr

15 hr

You should schedule the total amount of hours each week on your calendar. If you choose not to work on this course the expected number of hours, then you should withdraw from this course.

Course Withdrawal

If you withdraw from the course and complete the appropriate withdrawal form before the deadline date, then you will receive a "W" grade.  However, do not rely on Professor Smith to withdraw you from the course.  It is your responsibility to administratively withdraw from the course to receive a "W" grade.  You will receive a "W" grade, if you initiate a withdrawal through the Admissions and Records Office prior to the withdrawal deadline date.  After this date, you may not withdraw and you will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, or F depending on your level of achievement at the end of the course.  If you miss the withdraw deadline, then Professor Smith will not request a waiver of the College policy and he willnot request a retroactive withdrawal.  Professor Smith reserves the right, but not the duty, to withdraw you from the course for absenteeism over 10%, missed exams/assignments, lack of progress or you show no course participation in the first week of class.

The Web Design Tools course is a 4 credit hour, time intensive course. It is very important for your learning that you are successful from the very beginning of the course. You must complete the assignments as soon as the semester begins if you are to be successful. If you do not show progress during the beginning of the course by submitting the Orientation Form & completing the first 3 assignments on or before their deadline dates, then Professor Smith will withdraw you for lack of progress.

Academic Dishonesty


Cheating on an exam results in a zero (0%) grade for the exam.  Professor Smith also will inform the Director of Student Services of the incident.

Lab Projects

You must complete the computer assignments contained in the Lab Projects on your own. You may not seek assistance from anyone. That includes Lab Technicians and other students. You may not work cooperatively with another student. Cheating on Lab Projects will result in a zero (0%) grade for the Lab Project. You may not give help to another student in this course.

Retesting & Extra Credit

Professor Smith does not allow retesting nor extra credit work to raise your grade.

Incomplete Grades

Department Guidelines for Incomplete Grades - You may receive a temporary grade of "I" (Incomplete) at the end of the semester only if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are unable to complete the course during the semester due to circumstances beyond your control.
  • You must have earned at least half of the grade points needed for a "C" grade by the end of the semester.
  • You must make the request for the "I" grade in person at the instructor's office and complete the necessary documents.  You must also bring to the instructor supporting documentation such as a physician's statement.
  • To remove an "I" grade, you must complete the course by two weeks before the end of the following semester.  Failure to do so will result in the grade automatically reverting to an "F".

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD) as soon as possible to better ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.  The OSD will complete the Approved Accommodations & Academic Adjustments form.  You must present this completed form to Professor Smith so he knows what accommodations and adjustments to make to accommodate your disabilities.  You must do this at the beginning of the semester.  You should expect a reasonable amount of time for Professor Smith to make changes to the course to accommodate you.

Distance Section - Required Contacts

The State of Texas mandates that you to have at least two contacts with the instructor as a course requirement during the semester.

In addition to completing the online Orientation Form, you must make two contacts with Professor Smith either in person, by telephone, or by e-mail.  You must make at least one of these contacts by midterm. By completing the online Orientation Form, you will have made one contact.

Internet Policies

My instructor, Professor Thomas Michael Smith, has informed me of the following information:

  • (ITNW 1337) - This course will teach me how to search for information on the Internet.
  • The Internet contains some Web pages with text, graphic, animation, and video content that are of an adult nature. Some Web pages contain nudity, sexually oriented text information, and profanity.
  • Professor Smith will not direct me to any information on the Internet that contains sexually oriented material or material that displays profanity.
  • Professor Smith has advised me to not view any Internet material that may be offensive to me.
  • Professor Smith has warned me that I could accidentally, or with my intention, locate and view offensive material on the Internet.  If this happens, Professor Smith has advised me not to view this material on any computer in any ACC computer lab.

Freedom of Expression Policy

The department faculty expects each instructor and student to respect the right of others to express their views related to classroom discussions.

Student Privacy of Files

For academic purposes an instructor may view a student's information that he/she stores in his/her student volume in the Computer Studies Labs. 

Course Subjects


16 Weeks

o Syllabus Questions (Bb: Syllabus > Syllabus Questions)
Note: Not available in Bb until today.
o Assignment - Web Design (Chapter 1)
o Bb Practice 1 - Web Design (Chapter 1)
Note: Click the Blackboard Practice button.
Note: Always complete the assignment by the date to the left.
Holiday - ACC closed.
o Assignment - Web Design (Chapter 2)
o Bb Practice 2 - Web Design (Chapters 1-2)
o Assignment - Web Design (Chapter 3)
o Bb Practice 3 - Web Design (Chapters 1-3)
o Assignment - Web Design (Chapter 4)
o Bb Practice 4 - Web Design (Chapters 1-4)
o Bb Review 1 - Web Design (Chapters 1-4)
o Deadline → Exam 1 - Web Design (Chapters 1-4) (Take @ Testing Center)
o Assignment - Web Design (Chapter 5)
o Bb Practice 5 - Web Design (Chapter 5)
o Assignment - Web Design (Chapter 6)
o Bb Practice 6 - Web Design (Chapters 5-6)
o Assignment - Web Design (Chapter 7)
o Bb Practice 7 - Web Design (Chapters 5-7)
o Bb Review 2 - Web Design (Chapters 5-7)
o Deadline → Exam 2 - Web Design (Chapters 5-7) (Take @ Testing Center)
Information related to Expression Web Assignments
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit A)
o Bb Practice 1 - Expression Web (Unit A)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit B)
o Bb Practice 2 - Expression Web (Units A-B)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit C)
o Bb Practice 3 - Expression Web(Units A-C)
o Commence Lab Project 1 - Expression Web (Units A, B, C, D)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit D)
o Bb Practice 4 - Expression Web (Units A-D)
o Continue Lab Project 1 - Expression Web (Units A, B, C, D)
o Deadline → Lab Project 1 - Expression Web (Units A-D)
o Bb Review 1 - Expression Web (Units A-D)
o Deadline → Exam 3 - Expression Web (Units A-D) ( Take @ Testing Center)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit E)
o Bb Practice 5 - Expression Web (Unit E)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit F)
Note (Textbook error): Figure F-9 on p. 129 should like Figure F-3 on p. 125
with respect to the top_nav div.
o Bb Practice 6 - Expression Web (Units E-F)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit G)
o Bb Practice 7 - Expression Web (Units E-G)
o Commence Lab Project 2 - Expression Web (Units E, F, G, H)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit H)
o Bb Practice 8 - Expression Web (Units E-H)
o Continue Lab Project 2 - Expression Web (Units E, F, G, H)
o Deadline → Lab Project 2 - Expression Web (Units E-H)
o Bb Review 2 - Expression Web (Units E-H)
o Deadline → Exam 4 - Expression Web (Units E-H) (Take @ Testing Center)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit I)
o Bb Practice 9 - Expression Web (Unit I)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit J)
o Bb Practice 10 - Expression Web (Units I-J)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit K)
o Bb Practice 11 - Expression Web (Units I-K)
o Commence Lab Project 3 - Expression Web (Units I, J, K, L)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit L)
o Bb Practice 12 - Expression Web (Units I-L)
o Continue Lab Project 3 - Expression Web (Units I, J, K, L)
o Deadline → Lab Project 3 - Expression Web (Units I-L)
o Bb Review 3 - Expression Web (Units I-L)
o Deadline → Exam 5 - Expression Web (Units I-L) (Take @ Testing Center)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit M)
o Bb Practice 13 - Expression Web (Unit M)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit N)
o Bb Practice 14 - Expression Web (Units M-N)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit O)
o Bb Practice 15 - Expression Web(Units M-O)
o Commence Lab Project 4 - Expression Web (Units M, N, O, P)
o Assignment - Expression Web (Unit P)
o Bb Practice 16 - Expression Web (Units M-P)
o Continue Lab Project 4 - Expression Web (Units M, N, O, P)
o Deadline → Lab Project 4 - Expression Web (Units M-P)
Note: If you do not submit this project on or before this date,
then you will receive a zero grade for this project - no exceptions!!
o Bb Review 4 - Expression Web (Units M-P)
o Deadline → Exam 6 - Expression Web (Units M-P) (Take @ Testing Center)
Note: If you do not take this exam on or before this date,
then you will receive a zero grade for this exam - no exceptions!!