Child Growth and Development Through Adolescence

Child Growth and Development Through Adolescence


Spring 2012
01/17/2012 - 05/13/2012

Course Information

Section 002
TTh 10:30 - 11:50
PIN1 401
Moira Martin

Office Hours

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Course Requirements

Course Requirements:


Students are expected to meet the following requirements:



b.       Regularly attend class ( a large percentage of test questions come from class lectures .

c.       Successfully complete examinations

d.       Participate in class discussions

e.       Research a topic directly related to the field of Child Development and present your findings in an oral presentation as well as a written (APA formatted) research paper.  Details will be discussed.



Please note:  The textbook for this course is as follows:



TEXT:  Berger, THE DEVELOPING PERSON Through Childhood and Adolescence, Seventh Edition 

Course Subjects

We will discuss the concepts of human development:

Theories of Development

Prenatal Development

Labor and Delivery

Infanthood Biosocial Development

Infanthood Cognitive Development

Infanthood Psychosocial Development

Play Years Biosocial Development

Play Years Cognitive Development

Play Years Psychosocial Development

School Years Biosocial/Cognitive/Psychosocial Development

Adolescent Biosocial/Cognitive/Psychosocial Development

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives


This course is a study of the multiple aspects of the child’s total personality development. We will study the interaction of contributing factors in the emergence of a mature individual – physical, cognitive, psychological.   There will be an emphasis on understanding children at various ages of development in order to be more patient with them and to interact with them more effectively.  This course is especially well suited for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the helping, health-care and educational professions.   This course is equally well suited to anyone who would like to better understand people through various life stages and the effects of childhood on the total person. I hope you will bring your observations and experiences to the discussions as we go through the course !