Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice


Spring 2012
01/17/2012 - 05/13/2012

Course Information

Section 001
MW 15:00 - 16:20
EVC3 3202
Julie Vieyra

Office Hours

  • M W
    1:50p - 2:50p
    Eastview Room #2223
  • M W Th
    8a - 9:10a
    Eastview Room #2223

Course Requirements


a.  Outside reading: A selection of outside reading and questions will be assigned periodically throughout the semester.  The due date is a week from the date the assignment is assigned. Late assignments will not be accepted.


b.  Current event:  With this assignment, you have an option of picking whatever current event you would like to share as long it is related to criminal  justice. You will be required to present your current event to the rest of the class.  


To complete this assignment, you must write a summary of the article between 250-500 words typed double spaced. You will need to attach a copy of the article once you turn it in. Late assignments will not be accepted.  


c.  Quizzes: Coming to class is the only way you are allowed to take these quizzes. Any correct answers will be added points to your next test grade.


d. Successfully complete examinations:  There will be (4) examinations, a combination of multiple choice and true/false. Test material will come from your textbook and outside reading. Exam dates is noted in the course calendar.  There is NOT a comprehensive Final Exam.


d.  Attendance/Participation:  Each unexcused absence will result in a 10 point deduction from the 50 points available for attendance in this class. Attendance for which a medical or court excuse is provided (professional letterhead required) will be recorded but not figured in the attendance grade. Likewise, three (3) absences for which notice is given by email or in person will not be figured in the attendance grade. Excessive tardiness or early departure from class will be counted as an absence.


If you make an effort to answer questions and share your ideas during class throughout the semester, you will earn all 50 points that are available. If you are prepared for the class and choose not to participate, you will lose a percentage of participation points for the course.


Attendance and participation are easy ways to improve your grade in this course. Please come prepared for class and I will do my best to make class interesting.




Students should be prepared to take the exam at the time noted on the course calendar.


Outside reading/questions                                100 points

Current events                                                    50 points

Attendance/Participation                                   50 points 

Exam (4)                                                              400 points (100 point each)




The final grade will be based on the following: 



B= 80-89


D= 60-69

F=below 60



Note:  Electronic devices in classroom:

  • Please turn off cell phones or put on silent.
  • Feel free to leave class to answer cell phones.
  • Refrain from texting. If not, cell phones will be picked up and returned to you at the end of class. 

Make sure the use of laptops is related to classroom activities. Otherwise, laptops will be banned from classroom. 


Required textbook:   Criminal Justice A Brief Introduction 9th ed by Schmalleger, Prentice Publisher

Course Subjects

History and philosophy of criminal justice and ethical considerations; crime defined: its nature and impact; overview of criminal justice system; law enforcement; court system; prosecution and defense: trial process; and corrections.

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives


January 18                   First Day of Class



January 23                   What is Criminal Justice?   

                                      Chapter 1


January 25                     Chapter 1



January 30                     The Crime Picture

                                       Chapter 2


February 1                      Chapter 2



February   6                    Criminal Law

   Chapters 3


February 8                      Chapter 3



February 13                     Chapters 3




February 15                    Exam #1  

                                       Chapters 1-3



February 20                    Policing: Purpose and Organization  

                                        Chapter 4


February 22                    Chapter 4




February 27                     Policing: Legal Aspects

                                        Chapter 5


February  29                    Chapter 5



March 5                        Policing: Issues and Challenges

                                       Chapter 6


March 7                         Chapter 6




March 12-16                   Spring Break



March 19                        Exam #2

                                        Chapter 4-6                                                                                 


March 21                        Chapter 7

                                        The Courts                                        



March 26                         The Courtroom Work Group and the Criminal Trial

                                         Chapter 8


March 28                         Sentencing

                                         Chapter 9


April  2                             Chapter 9



April  4                             Exam #3

                                          Chapters 7-9



April 9                           Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections  

                                         Chapter 10


April 11                            Chapter 10



April 16                           Prisons and Jails

                                         Chapter 11


April 18                           Chapter 11


April 23                           Prison Life

                                         Chapter 12


April 25                           Chapter 12


April  30                         The Juvenile Justice System

                                       Chapter 13


May 2                             The Juvenile Justice System 

                                        Chapter 13


May 7                              Chapter 13




May 9                          Exam #4

                                       Chapters 10-13


May  13    Last Day of Class