Fall 2011
08/22/2011 - 12/11/2011

Course Information

Section 001
F 12:00 - 14:50
NRG2 2242
Luis Valera

Office Hours

  • M T W Th
    8:10 - 9:10
  • T Th
    1:20 - 3:20
  • F
    8 - 12
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    2:40 - 4;40

Course Requirements


A course designed to teach fundamentals of team play (e.g., volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, football), comparison of systems, strategy, training and conditioning, selection of individuals for positions, responsibilities of the coach and public relations.

Addition course description information: Material in this class will cover the nature & philosophy of coaching, role models, preparation, administration, relationship between the coach & the athlete, management, and support.

This lecture class will include lecture, handouts, visual materials, as well as practical exercises/papers.

                         Philosophy of Coaching                      10% - 120 points

                        Budgeting and Purchasing                    15% - 180 points

                        Selection Procedures                            10% - 120 points

                        Season Planning Record                      15% - 180 points

                        Overall Notebook Preparation10% - 120 points

                        Exam 1                                                20% - 240 points

                        Exam 2                                                20% - 240 points

                        Total Points                                        100% - 1200 points


Successful Coaching; Rainer; 2004; Human Kinetics;

ISBN 0736040129

Notebook –very important. All assignments, handouts and notes are to be kept in this notebook.

Course Subjects

Part I Strategic Position of the Coach

  1. What is coaching? (Nature of Coaching)
  2. Philosophy of Coaching
  3. Coaching Role Models
  4. Professional Preparation


Part II Administration

  1. Athletic Financing and Budgeting
  2. Purchasing Criteria and Procedure
  3. Schedule Planning
  4. Public Relations
  5. Transportation
  6. Professional Legal Aspects


Part III The Coach and the Athlete

  1. Health and Safety of the Athlete
  2. Biological Considerations
  3. Selecting the Athlete
  4. Teaching Skills Development
  5. Developing Behavior Patterns
  6. Training Standards, Motivation, Sportsmanship


Part IV Personal Management

  1. Staff Planning
  2. Support Personnel
  3. Public Relations
  4. News and the Media

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

SCANS: The following SCANS competencies are addressed in this course.

  1. Resources: Selects relevant, goal-related activities, allocates time to activities, and understands, prepares and follows schedule.
  2. Information: Acquires and Evaluates Information,Organizes and Maintains Information
  3. Systems: Understands Systems;  Monitors and Corrects Performance
  4. Basic Skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, Arithmetic
  5. Thinking Skills: Decision making, Problem solving, Knowing how to learn, Reasoning
  6. Personal Qualities: Responsibility, Sociability, Self Management, Integrity

Departmental Objectives:

  1. To learn the rules, fundamentals, skills and strategies of coaching.
  2. To learn how to correctly execute required skills and techniques of coaching.
  3. To understand how Kinesiology relates to a healthy individual lifestyle.