Career Exploration/Planning

Career Exploration/Planning


Summer 2012
05/29/2012 - 07/06/2012

Course Information

Section 001
MTWTh 09:10 - 11:00
RVSA 2221
Ross Oliver

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Course Requirements



1.     ATTENDANCE and CLASS PARTICIPATIONare worth 100 points toward your final grade. Your regular attendance and participation is very important in this class. Much of the benefit you will get from what we do comes from the activities and interactions you do in class and

your participation is very importantfor your own learning as well as that of others. If you are late to class two times it counts as one absence. Each class counts for 3 points toward the total. You will receive one “free” absence. After that, each absence will result in a 3 point deduction.


NOTE:   Four absences may result in your being WITHDRAWN from the course.

Of course, based on your attendance and performance, you have the option to withdraw from any class if you determine it is in your best interest. There are two factors in determining  academic standing:  grade point average and completion ratio. You are responsible for withdrawing through Admissions & Records by the posted deadline if you choose that option.

Consult with a counselor and Financial Aid or Veteran’s Administration representatives to determine how your benefits may be affected.


     2. FIVE SUMMARIES are worth 150 points each for a total of 750 points.


Summary I- Goal setting summary that states educational, occupational, personal, and leisure goals. Needs, motivation, and actions are addressed.

Summary II- Self-information is analyzed in these areas:  skills, interests, values, abilities, and personality. Psychological profiles will be included.

Summary III- Research is conducted on educational and career topics. Emphasis is placed on degree plans, transferability, course equivalency, job duties and requirements, skill preparation, job outlook, cost of living, etc.

Summary IV- Decision making process as it applies to selection of a college major and potential occupations.

Summary V- Employability skills are experienced through the writing a job announcement, job application, resume, cover letter, list of references, and participating in a mock job interview.


3.    The CASE STUDY PAPER is worth 100 points.


The Case Study is the “final exam” paper by each student reviewing their personal           decision making process regarding the educational and career decisions made during the semester. In addition to the written paper, an oral presentation will be made to the class.


4.    WORKSHOPSareworth a total of 50 points.

Based on your personal preference and schedule, you may choose and participate in a minimum of three hours of workshops from ACC’s College Success Workshop series, Workforce Solutions, Student Life Leadership series, Toast Master’s, or a program you find and I approve.


5.  EXTRA CREDIT can earn you up to 50 bonus points.

Qualifying activities could be volunteer work, an internship, a research paper, a book report, Student Life Club, or an activity approved by the instructor.



Required Texts/Materials:  

             What Color Is Your Parachute?  by Richard N. Bolles   2012 Edition

              Achieve Career Success by Raymond Gerson   Second Edition

Course Subjects


  1. May 29   I  Intro & Overview                 Syllabus, Introductions, Who am I?

ACC Info & Resources        Student Handbook & Catalog

One Week Goal                     Your Calendar


                 30          Career Planning Process          Richard Nelson Bolles – Parachute?

Goal Setting                                   Raymond Gerson – Success?

                                 LIFE/Work Planning                     Bolles 5          Gerson 1


                                 Career Resources                       Bolles 1        Gerson 2  

                                Your Dream Job

                    31          DISCOVER                                      World of Work Map

                                   Get a Job!                                      Bolles 2         Gerson 3

                                   Attitude & Motivation                 Review

                                   Success Stories               DISCOVER Inventories –Interests, Values, & Abilities            


2.         4         II    LIFE/Work Planning                     SUMMARY I     

                     Skills Identification                    Bolles 11 (189-220)    Gerson 4

                                                                             Success Story # 1

           5         Self-assessments                Bolles 13 (221-245)          Gerson 5

                                                                         Success Story # 2, One Week Goal


           6         Skills Identification                 SS # 3  Gerson 6  FLOWER


           7         Transferable Skills                     SS # 4

                      Workforce Solutions            Workshop # 1, Information Interview # 1  


3.          11  III     World of Work                  SUMMARY II

                                                                          Occupational Databases          Bolles 4      Gerson 7


             12            Career Research          Bolles 6      Gerson 8  Informational Interviews


            13             Labor Market Info        Information Interview # 2  Gerson  9  Resume Writing 

14     IV      Decision-Making Model    Resume Outline                          

                Resume Writing            


4.          18             D-DAY for your Major   Degree Plan, Resume Draft # 1

                            Resume Writing                  Summary III

                                                        Bolles 8     Gerson 10


            19                       Cover Letters             Bolles 9, Ger 11, Resume Draft # 2

                           V      Job Search Strategy     Job Announcement, Five Major Points


            20                   Job Interviewing          Resume Draft # 3, Cover Letter                 

                                                                             Bolles 10, Gerson 12



             21            Workforce Solutions      Resume Draft # 4, Workshop # 2

                           Employment Skills                      


5.           25            Job Search Strategy     Five Major Points, Rating Form

                                                               Summary IV


             26                   Job Interviewing Skills    Complete Employment Packet, Final Resume



             27            Resume Writing              Interview Strategy

                           Job Interviewing Skills              Answering difficult Questions


28           Mock Job Interviews             Summary V

                            Mock Job Interviews           


6.         Jul 2           Job Interviews Review       DISCOVER PORTFOLIO

       Your Mission in Life                



            3            LIFE/WORK Planning        Career Exploration Review

                            Case Study Presentations   Career Planning Process

                                                          Bolles & Parachute?


              4            Happy 4th of JULY !!


              5            Wrap-up, Evaluation, &       Case Study Report



Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives


Course Purpose:  The purpose of POFT 1310- Career Exploration is to teach the student a comprehensive career planning process. This learning experience is designed to assist the student in selecting a college major and developing career options.


Course Objectives:

To make educational and career decisions based on a planning model.

To communicate more effectively.

To identify personal interests, skills, and values.

To research career fields and occupations of interest.

To implement a personal job search campaign.

To interview for a job with confidence and effectiveness.

To write resume and documentation for the job search process.