Introduction to the Deaf Community

Introduction to the Deaf Community


Fall 2010
08/23/2010 - 12/12/2010

Course Information

Section 001
M 18:30 - 21:10
RGC1 019
Lisa Gelineau

Section 001
M 18:30 - 21:10
RGC1 019
Tracy Shannon

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Course Description


Course Description

An overview of the physical, educational, social, and cultural implications of deafness and hearing loss within the context of the individual's personal life, family, and community in today's multicultural world. Emphasis is on current educational and vocational programs, legislation, technology, and other issues.

required materials


  1. Mindess, A. (2006). Reading between the signs: Intercultural communication for sign language interpreters (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Intercultural Press. (ISBN  1-931930-26-0)
  2. Cerney, B. (2004). Deaf History Notes. Rochester, NY: Hand & Mind Publishing. (ISBN 0-9762742-0-5)

Course Objectives


Student will…

  1. Define culture and multicultural.
  2. Discuss the characteristics of North American deaf/hearing communities.
  3. Examine the labels and stereotypes of Deaf people in historical context (cultural vs. pathological perspectives on Deaf people.)
  4. Understand behavior and group norms, values, and common knowledge of Deaf people.
  5. Identify Deaf community’s historical events, person(s), and organizations that impact the Deaf community.
  6. Define attitudes and oppression within the Hearing and Deaf communities.
  7. List issues currently controversial among members of the Deaf community.
  8. Explore the traditions of Deaf people – Deaf history, Deaf folklore, Deaf Art/De’VIA, ASL literature, and Deaf literature.
  9. Learn how to work with the Deaf: Teaching, Interpreting & Advocating.

Tentative course schedule


Tentative Course Schedule - Spring 2010




August 23

Syllabus & Introduction

What is Culture?

American Culture

August 30

American Deaf Culture & Deaf Community

PPT#1 topic drawing

September 6                                     

Labor Day - NO CLASS

September 13          

Multicultural Deaf Culture

Sign Systems and Languages in the Deaf Community

September 20          

PPT#1= Types and causes of deafness  

PPT#2 topic drawing           

September 27          

Deaf History  

Trends & Technology in the Deaf Community

October 4

PPT#2= Shaker and Mover- Deaf/Hard of Hearing people


October 11    


October 18    



October 25    

Deaf & Media

Video reaction papers DUE (both Sound & Fury & Fury and Dwarf)

November 1  

Deaf Art & De’VIA    

PPT#3 topic drawing

November 8  

ASL & Deaf Literature

PPT#4 topic drawing

November 15                                               

PPT#3= Deaf-Related Organizations

ASL & Deaf Literature, con’t

PPT#5 topic drawing

November 22           

PPT #4= Issues in the Deaf Community

ASL & Deaf Literature, con’t

November 29

PPT#5= Jobs within the Deaf community

Self-Reflection paper DUE


December 6