Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry


Spring 2011
01/18/2011 - 05/15/2011

Course Information

Section 002
M 11:50 - 14:30
EVC3 3158
Michelle Fitzpatrick

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Course Subjects

Course Description

Overview of the 5 different elements of the hospitality industry and how they are intertwined with each other, discussion of current issues facing the 5 facets of the hospitality industry, each students in the course is a resource to the other, how to personally brand yourself, elements of risk in the industry and physical tours of facilities and guest speakers. There will always be continuous discussions of current guest needs, service quality, and the role of personnel in the hospitality industry. 

Course Rationale
The course is aimed towards first year college students starting their degree in Hospitality Management, Meeting & Event Planning, Travel & Tourism or Culinary Arts.

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

Course Learning Outcomes- After completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the history of the hospitality industry and the necessary dedication
  2. Understand current customer service needs and trends
  3. Know the terms used in hospitality operations
  4. Understand social impact of the travel industry
  5. Be aware of current hospitality career choices
  6. Understand the organization of the hospitality industry sectors
  7. Understand the importance of personal branding
  8. Understand risks and crises in the hospitality industry and have the ability to suggest solutions and act on accordingly
  9. Complete calculations in reference to food needs, guest occupancy at a hotel, transportation needs, and room capacities


Required Textbook

Introduction to Hospitality

5th Edition

John R. Walker

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN-13: 9780135139288

Textbooks for the Programs of Hospitality Management, Meeting & Event Planning, Travel & Tourism and Culinary Arts can be purchased at the EVC bookstore or via on-line sources.

Course Requirements

Assignment and Exams Due Dates

Provided in Blackboard, all assignments will be listed under the “Assignments” folder. Any online Quizzes/Exams will be listed under “Quizzes/Exams” and all Quizzes/Exams will be timed. All assignments must be completed by the specified dues dates posted in Blackboard. The assignments, discussion boards and exams will be available during the week specified.

 To receive credit and assignments can only be accepted via Blackboard unless another mode of delivery is specified or previous arrangements have been made. If a link does not appear, please contact me immediately.

 I DO NOT accept late assignments. All Assignments must be received by Sundays at 11:00pm

Performance Grades and Evaluation System
All grades will be posted on Blackboard under the "Tools" section then the “My Grades” link.

This course is graded by percentages. All grades will be posted on Blackboard under the "Tools" section then the “My Grades” link.

Attendance is mandatory for all classes and there is a weekly 10 point quiz that you must be present to take and there will not be any make-ups or re-takes. It is imperative that you arrive on time and that you are prepared.

A = 90% -100%

B = 80% - 89%

C = 70% - 79%

D = 60% - 69%

F = 50% - 59%

The Minimal Grade Required for Completion of Certificate or Associates of Applied Science Degree in HAMG, MEEP, & TRVM.

 Beginning Fall 2010, to receive a certificate or associates of applied science degree in HAMG, MEEP, or TRVM a student must a) earn a grade of “C” or higher in all courses required to fulfill degree requirements, including general education courses, and b) meet Austin Community College’s general graduation requirements.

 Any grades earned towards your degree at ACC before Fall 2010 will not be affected. Transfer credits will be evaluated on an individual basis.


Introduction to Hospitality HAMG 1321-002          
Assignment Name Date Assigned Date Due # of Points   Exam/Quiz Date # of Points    
Hospitality Career Research 24-Jan 6-Feb 30   Ch.1 Quiz 31-Jan 10    
Hilton Hotel Business Structures 7-Feb 13-Feb 25   Ch.2 Quiz 7-Feb 10    
Hotel Company Assignment 14-Feb 20-Feb 20   Ch.3&4 Quiz 2/14-2/20 10    
Restaurant Assignment 21-Feb 27-Feb 20   Ch. 5&6 Quiz 21-Feb 10    
NRA Article 28-Feb 6-Mar 20   Ch.9 Quiz 28-Feb 10    
Rec, Parks, Clubs and Casino Assignment 21-Mar 27-Mar 30   Midterm 21-Mar 50    
Austin Convention Center Questions 28-Mar 3-Apr 15   Ch.10&11 Quiz 28-Mar 10    
Special Events Article 4-Apr 10-Apr 20   Ch. 12 Quiz 4-Apr 10    
Marketing Assignment 11-Apr 17-Apr 30   Ch. 13 Quiz 11-Apr 10    
HR Assignment 25-Apr 1-May 20   Ch.15 Quiz 18-Apr 10    
Volunteer/ Work at an Event   2-May 20   Ch. 17 Quiz 25-Apr 10    
TOTAL     250   Final Exam 9-May 65    
          TOTAL   215    
Total      Assignment   Points Total Quiz/Exam Points TOTAL Points Possible              
250 215 465              

For more detailed information on assignments please reference Blackboard. Additionally, this is a reference only and is subject to change. Students enrolled need to utilize the full syllabus which can be found in Blackboard.