Pharmacology for Health Professions

Pharmacology for Health Professions


Fall 2010
08/23/2010 - 12/12/2010

Course Information

Section 021
T 10:35 - 11:50
RRC3 3340.00
Tammie Petersen

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    RRC-Room 3341.03
    Tuesdays from 12p-2p, Thursdays from 1005-205p, other times by appt
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Course Requirements

Unit Exam 1: Introduction to Pharmacology, Legislation and Marketing, Pharmacokinetics, Drug Nomenclature

Homework 1: Dosage calculation problems

Unit Exam 2: ANS, Allergy and Respiratory

Homework 2: assignment from unit 2 material

Unit Exam 3: Anti-infectives, Anti-neoplastics

Homework 3: assignment from unit 3 material

Unit Exam 4: Cardiovascular Therapy, Antianemics, Anticoagulants, Antihyperlipidemics, Diuretics, Anti-hypertensives

Homework 4: assignment from unit 4 material

Unit Exam 5:CNS, Parkinson's Drug Therapy, Depression, Bipolar Meds, Anti-anxiety agents, Antipsychotics, Antiepileptics, Sedatives/Hypnotics, Pain

Homework 5: assignment from unit 5 material

Unit Exam 6: Endocrine System, Diabetes, Steroids, Hormones

Homework 6: assignment from unit 6 material

Optional Makeup Exam: Comprehensive exam covering units 1-6

Dosage Exams 1-5: exams covering dosage content, must pass 3/5 with minimum of 80%

Drug profiles: assignment for units 2, 3, 4 requiring student to research specified drugs


  1. Pharmacology, An introduction, 5th edition. Hitner/Nagle, Mcgraw-Hill: 2005.
  2. Instructor Study Guide: Pharmacology for Health Care Professionals.  (packet) – HPRS230026-26th edition
  3. Pharmaceutical dosage calculations  workbook, 8th edition (yellow Packet), ISBN# HPRS 2300D8
  4. Video tapes of the lectures are found online or at the main campus libraries media services, which include, RGC, EVC, RVS, NRG, CYP, and PIN campuses.
  5. Technological expectations:  Students should be able to utilize ACC’s on-line Blackboard site. Blackboard may be accessed at:



  1. Technological requirements:  High speed, broadband internet access is strongly recommended for viewing of streamed videos.  This is available to students at ACC campuses.
  2. Medical Dictionary (Taber’s Cyclopedic)
  3. Dimensional Analysis for Meds., 4th edition, Curren and
    Munday, WI Publications; 2010. 
  4. Nursing current drug guide or PDR Nursing Drug
    Handbook, George Spratto, ISBN# 1401860389
    or Health Professions Drug Guide by
  5. Website:
  6. Dosage Calculation link:

Course Subjects

                                                                  August 24         Syllabus, abbreviations, calculations, equivalents

             (in class)          Introduction to Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical terms

                                        Text:   Chapters 1-3; Packet Unit 1


             August 25        Drug Nomenclature, Response curve, Legislation,                                              System of Measurement, Interpreting orders

                                                          Text:   Chapters 1-3

                                                          View Video #1 and #2


August 30                  Dosage Calculations – Part 1

              Dosage:         Dimensional Analysis, Packet “Dosage Calculation"

              Practice:         Yellow Dosage Packet; Follow suggested problem                                       worksheet

                                     View Video #3

August 31                  Dosage Calculations – Part 2

(in class)                    Dosage:         Dimensional Analysis, Packet                                        "Dosage Calculations section”

                                    Practice:         Yellow Dosage Packet; follow                                             suggested problem worksheet


September 7             Pharmacokinetics (ADME); Pharmaceutical Terms

(in class)                    Text:   Chapters 1-3; Packet Unit 1



September 9             Different routes of drug entry; Dosage Forms of Medications

                                    Text:   Chapters 1-3; Packet Unit 1

                                    View Video #6 and #7

                                     Homework #1 due-Dosage problems


September 14      Exam #1 (No make-ups or exceptions)

(in class)             


September 15           Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) – Part 1and II

                                    Text:   Chapters 5, 6, 7; Packet Unit II

                                    View Video #8 and video #9


September 21           Discussion with the ANS (Continued)/Review

(in-class)                    Text:   Chapters 5, 6, 7; Packet Unit II


September 22           Allergy and Respiratory Drugs

                                    Text:   Chapters 31-32

                                    View Video #10


September 28           Review for Unit Exam #2

(in class)              Homework #2 is due


October 5             Exam #2 (No make ups or exceptions)

(in class)              Drug Profile Due


October 6                   Antibiotics, Anti-infectives

                                    Text:   Chapters 41-44, Packet Unit III

                                    View Video #12


October 13                 Antibiotics Review; Anti-Neoplastics

(in class)                    Text:   Chapters 45, 46; Packet Unit III

                             Homework #3 is due


October 14                 Exam Preparation for Unit III


October 20           Exam #3 (No make ups or exceptions)

(in class)              Drug Profile Due


October 21                 Cardiovascular System (A&P);  Cardiovascular                                                  Diseases

                                    Text:   Chapters 21-22, 24-25; Packet Unit IV

                                    View Video #14

                                    Cardiovascular Diseases & Therapy

                                    Kidney Anatomy (Hypertension)

                                    Text:   Chapters 24-26

                                    View Video #15 and Video #16


October 27                 Discussion of Anti-hypertensive Drug Therapy

(in class)                    Text:   Chapters 25, 26


October 28                 Anti-coagulants; Anti-hyperlipidemics

                                    Text:   Chapters 27, 29

                                    View video # 18


November 3              Anti-arrhythmics, and Anemia

(In-class)                    Text:   Chapters 23, 30

                                     Homework #4 is due



November 4              Cardiovascular System meds in use

                                     Text:   Chapters, 30; Packet Unit IV

                                     View Video #19


November 10       Exam #4 (No make ups or exceptions)

(in class)              Drug Profile Due


November 11            CNS (Depression/Bipolar Disorder)

                                    Anti-psychotics/Parkinson’s Disease & Therapy

                                    Text:   Chapters 11,14, 13, 17, Packet Unit V

                                    View Video #20 and video #21


November 17            Seizures/Sedative-Hypnotics/CNS drug therapy overview

(in class)                    Text:   Chapters 16

                        Homework #5 is due


                                    Read Section on Gout in Packet for Exam #5


November 18            Anti-anxiety/Pain (Narcotic and non-narcotic)

                                    Text:   Chapters  12, 13, 19, 20

                                    View Video #23 and #24


Nov. 24                Exam #5 (No make ups or exceptions)

(in class)             


November 25-28      College Closed; Thanksgiving Break


Nov. 26-29                 Diabetes and Therapy

                                    Text:   Chapter 39, Packet Unit VI

                                    View Video #25 and #26: Listen to diabetes                                          update online


Dec. 1                         Introduction to Endocrine System; Steroids

(in class)                    Text:   Chapters 35, 36, 40

                                     Homework #6 Due


Dec. 2                         Thyroid Hormones; Sex Hormones; PUD

                                    Text:   Chapters 38, 37, 33, 34

                                    View Video #28, #29 and #30


Dec. 7                  Final Exam #6 (No make ups or exceptions)

(in class)             


Dec. 10                Optional Make up due date at EVC Testing Center

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1.  Define the basic terminology associated with Pharmacology.

2.  Define the legislative laws regulating Pharmacology.

3.  Interpret the use of common pharmacological equivalents and abbreviations.

4.  Compute basic and advanced dosage calculation problems.

5.  Describe normal physiological conditions within the body.

6.  Describe the pathophysiology of certain disease processes.

7.  Discuss the mechanism of action of major classifications of drugs.

8.   State the uses of major drug classifications in treating certain disease processes.

9.  State the side effects associated with each major classification of drugs.

10. Discuss appropriate patient teaching in regards to specific drug therapy Classifications.   

11.  Apply the drug therapy information used to treat certain disease processed.


Prerequisites: Human Anatomy (BIOL 2304/2101) OR Human Physiology (BIOL 2305/2102) OR Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 2404) (4 hours) with a grade of C or better OR pass a departmental assessment exam AND passed math assessment (Compass 39 or higher) OR passed TASP math (230 or higher) OR passed THEA math (230 or higher) OR passed a math course above MATD 0330 with a grade of C or better. Bring proof of prerequisites to orientation or first class meeting (grade report, transcripts, and math scores). Exempt students of TSI, need proof of a math course or passed the ACC Math Assessment.