Career Exploration/Planning

Career Exploration/Planning


Fall 2010
08/23/2010 - 12/12/2010

Course Information

Section 007
TTh 13:25 - 14:45
RRC1 1313.00
Delores Rice

Office Hours

  • T Th
    12:55pm - 1:25pm
    RRC 1206
    Additional hours are TTH 2:45 - 3:15pm
  • T Th
    2:45pm - 3:15pm
    RRC 1206

Course Requirements

Attendance and class participation                


Revised resume                                              

Vocation Research                                         

Company Research                                        

Workshops (2)                                                

Special Interest Presentation                          

Mock Interview                                             

Career Assessment Paper       


 What Color Is Your Parachute?  by Richard N. Bolles   2010 Edition

Course Subjects

Aug 24                 Introduction and Overview    

Aug 26                 Career Planning Process                  


Aug 31                 Career Exploration                           

                             Career Resources                    

Sep 2                    Goal Setting                                     



Sep 7                    Career Advisor e-Library                 

Sep 9                              Attitude & Motivation            

                             VAULT e-Library                  


Sep 14                  LIFE/Work Planning                                           

Sep 16                  Skills Identification                


Sep 21                  Self-assessments                     

                             Interests, Values, Abilities, and Skills

Sep 23                  Skills Identification                


Sep 28                  Transferable Skills                           

Sep 30                  Workforce Solutions                                                     


Oct 5                    World of Work                       

                             Occupational Databases         

Oct 7                     Career Research                                


Oct 12                  Labor Market Info                                                                   

Oct 14                  Resume Writing                      


Oct 19                   Resume Writing                      

Oct 21                  Resume Writing                      


Oct 26                  D-DAY for your Major         

Oct 28                  Decision-Making Model         


Nov 2                             Change & Chaos                     

Nov 4                             Job Search Strategy                          


Nov 9                             Job Interviewing                     

Nov 11                 Writing Cover Letters             


Nov 16                 Job Search Strategy                

Nov 18                 Job Interviewing Skills           


Nov 23                 Job Interviewing Skills          

Nov 25                 Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov 30                 Mock  Interviews                            

Dec 2                    Mock  Interviews                    


Dec 7                    Job Interviews Review           

                              LIFE/WORK Planning           

Dec 9                    Your Mission in Life

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

To make educational and career decisions based on a planning model.

To communicate more effectively.

To identify personal interests, skills, and values.

To research career fields and occupations of interest.

To implement a personal job search campaign.

To interview for a job with confidence and effectiveness.

To write resume and documentation for the job search process.