Career Exploration/Planning

Career Exploration/Planning


Spring 2011
01/18/2011 - 05/15/2011

Course Information

Section 002
MW 18:00 - 19:20
NRG4 4249
Gail Goodman

Office Hours

  • M W
    2:45 pm - 3:15 pm
    RVSG 9139
    After Psyc 1300 class in Building G - 2nd floor part-time adjunct faculty office
  • M W
    5:20 pm - 5:50 pm
    NRG4 4216-A
    Office hrs are before class and other times by appt

Course Requirements


Graded Assignments (70 points)


Reading Journals (15 points)Three reading journals (5 points each) are due during the semester. In the journals the reading assignments from the text and online articles are summarized and personalized as you apply the information to your own life and discuss how it can be helpful in your own career search process. Each journal assignment is turned in before class on the day it is due and should be typed (12 font), double-spaced, 1” margins and contain at least 1,000 words.


Summary I: Self-Discovery (10 points)A three-page paper + one-page flower (total of 4 pages) containing self- discovery information in these areas:  values, interests, personality and skills. All of the assessments (online and in-class) and self-discovery exercises we did in class must be thoroughly reviewed including: Jung Typology/MBTI, Flower (include), Values Auction. RIASEC and DISCOVER.


Summary II: Career Possibilities and Decision-Making (10 points)A two-page project which includes: Page 1 - a completed and readable Career Decision-Making Matrix for three jobs and Page 2 - a one-page typed 12-point font summary of the research conducted on educational requirements, skills and other practical requirements found on O*Net, OOH, and other online sites regarding two of these jobs. Review your decision-making process and planning as it applies to the matrix and what you must have and what you want in a job. At the end of your paper, state your tentative decision about which job you will pursue for the purposes of this class.


Summary III: My Job Search Strategy & Portfolio (15 points) Personal job search strategy and sites identified and job search portfolio created which includes: resume (8), copy of job announcement/description and one-page description of strategy (2) and one-page cover letter (5).


Mock Interview (12 points)Each student will receive interview training and will participate in a peer-led mock interview during classes at the end of the semester. Students will receive feedback from others based on criteria including professional appearance, behavior, communication and follow-up. Students will also participate as interviewers. Attendance is mandatory and worth 2.5 points each day. Make sure you plan your schedule to be there!


Summary IV: Information Interview & Final Paper (8 points)Each student will do an Informational Interview with a professional and will write a final paper summarizing this experience and their in-class mock interview experience by citing what they did well and what they plan to do differently next time to improve their interviewing.


All of the above assignments must be completed for a student to pass this course


Format for the Summary Papers and Final Paper


Each of the five Papers will be graded according to these guidelines:


  1. Length is a minimum stated in the description. Maximum is 5 pages.
  2. Use 12 font (Times, Helvetica) and double spaced, 1” margins. Papers must be typed.
  3. Explain feelings, insights and changes related to the assignment.
  4. Highlight what you have learned and accomplished related toward your goals.
  5. Papers are due at the beginning of class and must be turned in personally (not emailed)


Keeping Score

A Grades will be awarded as follows:

90 – 100 = A80 – 89 = B70 – 79 = C60 – 69 = Dbelow 60 = F

B. Grading System:


I. Attendance and Class Participation – 30 points


  • 1 point per class (total of 31 classes; you get one free miss)
  • daily attendance = ½ point; daily class activity = ½ point
  • over 10 minutes late = minus ½ point
  • class absence = minus 1 point


II. Papers and Journals – 50 points total


  • Points subtracted for being late – 1 point per day
  • Papers graded on depth, insight, grammar, sentence structure, format


III. Mock Interview – 12 points total (5 for attendance/feedback; 7 for interview)                 

IV. Final Paper – 8 points



Required Text: 2010 (or 2011) Version ofWhat Color Is Your Parachute?  by Richard N. Bolles

and - a variety of online articles and class handouts.

Course Subjects


DATE                  TOPIC COVERED IN CLASS                                    ASSIGNMENT DUE

W Jan 19         Introductions, Syllabus, Jung Typology                     Get Text and folder and read ch 8

M Jan 24         Self-Discovery: Syllabus Quiz, MBTI/Jung                  Bring Jung results,updt Bb and email

W Jan 26         Self-Discovery: Flower: u on a pg, hndout dis            Rd 1st half ch 11, Flower due

M Jan 31          Self-Discovery: Values Auction, review Discover      Do Discover & Read 2nd half Ch 11

W Feb 2         Self-Discovery: Int&Skls, RIASEC ppt                           DISCOVER & OOH due

M Feb 7         Self-Discovery: Goals & Barriers, p 41 list                     p. 204-241 Journal 1 due (ch 8,11)

W Feb 9          Career Possibilities: World of Work: logo                    SUMMARY 1 (SELF) DUE

M Feb 14         Career Possibilities: Triangle, skls vs traits                Triangle & UT online assignment due

W Feb 16         Career Possibilities: MBTI & Job families                  ONET research due

M Feb 21         Career Possibilities: Goals & Barriers                           Research on three jobs due

W Feb 23         Career Possibilities: Career Dec Matrix                      Rd Ch 2, strt Career Dec Matrix 6:6

M Feb 28         Job Search: Myths & Realities                                       Rd Ch 3 & Ch 4

W Mar 2         Job Search: Myths & Realities                                        SUMMARY 2 (MATRIX) DUE

M Mar 7         Job Search: Exploration                                                  Job Search Exercise Due                 

W Mar 9         Job Search: Exploration                                                  Rd Ch 5

M Mar 21         Job Search: Developing Strategy                                Journal 2 due (Ch 1-5)

W Mar 23         Job Search: Resume Training                                    Essential resume info due

M Mar 28         Job Search:         Resume Work Session                   First Resume Draft Due

W Mar 30         Job Search: Cover Letter Training                              Final Resume Due

M Apr 4         Job Search: Cover Letter Work Session                       First Cover Letter Due

W Apr 6         Job Search: Final Resume/Cover Letter                      Final Cover letter due

M Apr 11         Job Search: Austin Resources                                    Rd Ch 6

W Apr 13         Interviewing: Information Interviewing                       Rd Ch 7

M Apr 18         Interviewing: Job Interview Training I                  SUMMARY 3 (PORTFOLIO) DUE

W Apr 20         Interviews:                                                                Journal 3 Due (Ch 6 & 7)

M Apr 25         Mock Interviews                                                      Prepare/Evaluate

W Apr 27         Mock Interviews                                                      Prepare/Evaluate, Info Intv Due

M May 2         Mock Interviews:                                                       Prepare/Evaluate

W May 4         Mock Interviews                                                      Prepare/Evaluate

M May 9         Future Career Plans                                             FINAL PAPER DUE + Info Intv

W May 11         TBA                                                                        TBA

Changes to this schedule will occur and will be announced in class and/or on Blackboard

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives


Course Description: POFT 1310-Career Exploration (3-3-0)

Introduction to the process of career decision-making, educational planning, and job searching. Topics include: analyzing personal career interests, values, skills and aptitudes, surveying and researching fields and jobs with related educational and training requirements, learning and using the career decision-making process and acquiring basic job search skills such as informational interviewing, networking, writing letters of application, developing a resume, and interviewing for a position.


Course Purpose:  The purpose of POFT 1310- Career Exploration is to teach the student a comprehensive career planning process. This learning experience is designed to assist the student in selecting a college major and developing career options. Skills: R


Course Objectives:

Identify personal values, interests, personality type and skills and link with career possibilities

Research career fields and occupations of interest

Make educational and career decisions based on a planning model

Develop and implement a personal job search strategy

Write a powerful resume and learn how to professionally correspond with employers

Acquire effective interviewing skills and successfully participate in a mock interview


Instructional Methodology: This course will include the following teaching and learning methods: lecture, individual application exercises, small and large group activities, class discussions and homework assignments. This is a very interactive class and students will frequently use online search tools and applications including the DISCOVER multi-media program, career assessments and

research. Students will develop a job search portfolio and participate in a mock job interview.