Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae - Karina Hernandez


Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing, September 2004,  Pace University, White Plains, NY  

  • Self-Healing Autonomic Systems: Worked on real-time problem diagnosis in large, distributed computer systems and networks as part of research initiatives driven by Machine Learning for System group at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. Doctoral Dissertation research contributed to online adaptation of a diagnostic engine to system’s dynamics.

M.S. in Computer Science, December 1999, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK   

BS in Electronics Engineering, May 1998, Polytechnic University Institute of the Armed Forces (IUPFAN), Venezuela

Teaching Experience

Austin Community College, Austin, TX                                                                                                    06/2014-Present

Professor, Computer Science and Information Technology Department

Areas of Teaching: Computer Organization and Machine Language (AARCH64 Assembly), Machine Learning, Programming Fundamentals (Python), System Design and Analysis: Project Management, Introduction to Computing, Linux

  • Developed and deployed traditional and online courses following Quality Matters (QM) rubrics and standards.
  • Provided support and mentoring to faculty members on the creation and deployment of courses.
  • Served as chair and member on department committees to guide the development of new curriculum, to assess the success of the program, and to review textbooks.
  • Assessed, evaluated, and improved course content and delivery based on student feedback and training in Equity-mindedness strategies.
  • Co-chaired committee overseeing the design and development of the brand-new Bachelor of Applied Science in Software development program.
  • Mentored students in the development of project portfolios that can be showcased on job interviews.
  • Advised students in college application transfer to 4-year degree programs, master’s degree programs, and career path opportunities in job market.
  • Developed and deployed Machine Learning curriculum as part of required courses in the Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

Austin Community College, Austin, TX                                                                                                    12/2013-05/2014

Adjunct Faculty Computer Science and Information Technology Department

  • Created and presented educational materials in both classroom and laboratory for Computer Science Information Technology courses: Unix/Linux & Systems Analysis and Design: Project Management.
  • Developed lesson plans and evaluated course performance.

IBM Systems & Technology Group, Poughkeepsie, NY                                                                          01/2001-01/2004

Software Engineer / Hispanic Diversity Network Outreach Coordinator

  • Taught group of 20 junior engineers about functional coverage methodologies and their use in verification of hardware designs as part of IBM training program.
  • Tutored/Mentored Middle School and High School students as part of IBM Hispanic outreach program. Designed academic plans for students and provided advised in completing applications to help them continue college studies.

Professional Experience

IBM Systems & Technology Group, Poughkeepsie, NY and Austin, TX

Technology Development Microprocessor Verification                                                                          01/2000-07/2013

  • Defined and implemented functional verification plan for multi core processors (IBM POWER8, IBM POWER 7). Developed simulation code components in C++ as part of test bench to verify logic. Assignment also involved creating regression lists and debugging/tracking design issues, creating/presenting weekly verification status charts and driving/implementing methodology improvements. Worked remotely with design team in Germany and India.
  • Led/Coordinated IBM Cell co-processing element verification activities to successfully complete release requirements. Drove bring up of Verification environment and enabled regressions test suites, simulation model/environment and AIX/Linux releases. Delivered weekly status/progress report to both design and verification leadership team. Provided documentation to issues/changes/methodology as a reference for users and future derivative developments.
  • Focal Point for Model-Based Pseudo-Random Test Generator. Assignment involved cross-site model building support to provide faster turnaround on bug fixes.
  • Drove assessment of Boolean Equivalence Checking for derivative designs. Refined current Boolean checking methodology and implemented updates needed to improve automation of Boolean checking process. Educated designers about enhancements and features in refined Boolean checking methodology.
  • Provided functional verification support for High Performance Communication Adapter for IBM pSeries Systems. This included reading and interpreting design specification, developing, and implementing simulation plans, coding monitors and drivers in C++, running simulations, interpreting the results, and working with designers to debug problems.
  • Coordinated/Planned/Supervised activities of summer intern.
  • Integrated state-of-the-art simulation and verification techniques to support functional coverage analysis of design under tests that provide better insight into quality of logic before it is released to manufacturing.
  • Participated in cross-brand team (IBM Mainframes/POWER processors HW Verification) to drive implementation of coverage-driven generation techniques. This was part of a partnership between research and development to develop a method of improving simulation of hardware designs to achieve higher test coverage and improve utilization of simulation resources using Machine Learning approaches.


Sacred Heart Community Clinic, Round Rock, TX                                                                                12/2019 - Present

  • Served as interpreter for Spanish speaking patients having traditional or tele-med doctor appointments and/or receiving any other medical service in the clinic.

Austin Community College, Austin, TX                                                                                                   07/2019-Present

  • Ascender Mentor: Provided one-on-one mentoring to Latinx first-year Austin Community College students in the Ascender program wanting to earn a bachelor’s degree.

IBM Systems & Technology Group, Austin, TX                                                                                      01/2004-07/2013

  • IBM Hispanic Women Southwest Charter Lead
    • ‚ÄčLed Diversity Network Group for IBM Hispanic Women in South West region (Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and California) and created localized value-based initiatives aimed to address issues among Hispanic women such as lack of sponsors/ mentors, lack of informal network, and overcoming stereotypes.
    • Leveraged broader IBM ecosystem to spearhead several "charlas" (round tables) and panel discussions.
    • Developed "Learning Circles" initiative, which was aimed at fostering mentoring, coaching, leading, and shadowing alongside other Hispanic leaders. Secured executives and technical leaders to share their expertise and experience in different ways.

Professional Publications

[1]        S. Sandip, S. Saha, K. Hernandez, “Buyer agent to Enhance Consumer Awareness: SAATHI,  Electronic Commerce Research and Applications. Amsterdam: Summer 2007. Vol 6, Iss. 2, pg. 209,

[2]        K. Hernandez, E. Brito, M. Aguilar, R. Dagher, “The Power of a Global Development Team: The Cell Project,” 17th annual Hispanic Engineers National Achievement Awards Corporation (HENAAC) Conference, October 2005

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[4]        Karina Hernandez, “Reasoning and Learning under Uncertainty using Dynamic Probabilistic Models For Real Time Problem Determination,” Doctoral Dissertation, Pace University, May 2004.

[5]        I. Rish, K. Hernandez "Improving Problem Determination by Learning an Accurate Dynamic Probabilistic Model,” IBM Academy Of Technology, The 2nd Proactive Problem Prediction, Avoidance and Diagnosis Conference: Techniques, Algorithms and Best Practices for Computer Systems, April 2004.

[6]        K. Hernandez, I. Rish, “Improving Self-healing Capabilities of Autonomic Systems Using Active Learning of Bayesian Networks,” Proceedings of IBM Autonomic Computing Symposium, October 2003.

[7]        K. Hernandez, J. Aylward, “Dynamic Coverage Directed Simulation Using Intelligent Software Agents,” IBM Academy Workshop on Intelligent Software, June 2000.

[8]        S. Sen, K. Hernandez, "Buyer’s Agent,” Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference on Autonomous Agents, Barcelona, Spain, June 2000.

[9]           S. Ghosh, M. Mundhe, K. Hernandez, S. Sen, "Voting for Movies: The Anatomy of a Recommender System,” Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference on Autonomous Agents, Seattle, WA USA, May 1999.

Postsecondary Education

Pace University

Doctor of Professional Studies
Computing Studies

University of Tulsa

Master of Science
Computer Science