Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae - Christian Raymond

Postsecondary Education

Wayne State University

Master of Arts

Michigan State University

Bachelor of Arts


Christian Raymond is a Professor and the Chair of the Radio-Television-Film Department at Austin Community College.  His adventures in the industry and education range from writing screenplays at Walt Disney Pictures to creating film projects with under-resourced communities in Transylvania.

In 2003, he began to develop the Austin Film Society’s Community Education program de novo, designing a multi-faceted department and a model for film and digital media education which integrated project-based learning with activities at the creative media production facility, Austin Studios.  Among many community partnerships and programs developed there included The Giving Video Workshop, which teamed up college and high school students to create films that helped raise over $2 million dollars for such nonprofits as Reading is Fundamental and Capital Area Food Bank.

Raymond has taught in a variety of settings and at both the high school and college level, to include teaching New Media Literacy in the RTF Department at the University of Texas in Austin.  He also served six years as the editor-in-chief of the film journal, Persistence of Vision, designing issues and writing about such topics as visionary film storytelling and media convergence.  His production experience includes several years as an in-house writer/producer of educational films, a number of which have been translated into multiple languages and distributed internationally by the Educational Institute of the AH & LA.  In the summer of 2009, he traveled to Romania to facilitate the Village Project, a three-week intensive filmmaking program with rural students, most of whom had never held a video camera, yet in a month's time were prolific in creating short films based on local folklore, growing up, and their dreams for the future.

His educational initiatives and/or creative work have received support from the National Endowment for the Arts, CEC Artslink, the Texas Commission on the Arts and others.  Over the years, Raymond has also screened or discussed projects at various venues such as the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Conference and the Southby Southwest Film Festival. 

Teaching Experience

2011-Current - Austin Community College - Writing for Radio-Television-Film, Introduction to Cinema, Screenwriting For Feature Films & New Media, Industry Internship Class.

2003-2010 - Austin Film Society/Austin Studios - Screenwriting, Film and Media Studies, New Media Production, Digital Filmmaking.

2010 - University of Texas (Austin) Radio-Television-Film Department - New Media Literacy.

2002-3 - Austin School of Film - Screenwriting.

2001-2002 - Valley Torah High School – English, AP English.

1999-2001 – Opportunities For Learning – Core Curriculum, Film Studies.

1998/99 - Institute of Reading Development at Los Angeles Valley College – Developmental Reading, Study Skills.

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