Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae - Cameron Addis

Postsecondary Education

University of Texas Austin

Doctor of Philosophy

Teaching Experience

History Professor -- Austin Community College, 2004-
    Four-Time Nominee for ACC Teacher of the Year: 2012-13, 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2017-18
    NISOD Teaching Award 2017-18

Visiting Assistant Professor of History -- Texas A&M University, College Station, 2001-2004
    Courses Taught: Both U.S. Surveys, 20th c. American Diplomacy, European Cultural/Intellectual 1789-1900
    Teaching & Counseling Award -- Corps of Cadets

Adjunct Instructor in American History -- Austin Community College, 1995-2001

Teaching Assistant -- University of Texas, Austin, 1995-2000:
     American surveys (5), U.S. Constitutional (3), American Revolution (2), Antebellum (2), Modern Science

Professional Publications

efferson's Vision for Education, 1760-1845 (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2003)
On Library of Congress Selected Jefferson Bibliography

Essays [in Anthologies]
“The Jefferson Gospel: A Religious Education of Peace, Reason & Morality,” in Robert McDonald, ed., Light & Liberty (University of Virginia Press, 2011)

“Jefferson & Education,” in Frank Cogliano, ed., Blackwell Companion to Thomas Jefferson (Blackwell, 2011)

Articles [in Periodicals]
“The Whitman Massacre: Religion & Manifest Destiny on the Columbia Plateau, 1809-1858,” Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. 25 #2 (Summer 2005)

"The 'Baptist Beat' in Modern Jazz: Texan Gene Ramey in Kansas City & New York," Journal of Texas Music History, Vol. 4 #2 (Fall 2004)

“The Goddess of Love and the Hand of God: American Observations of the 1769 Transit of Venus,” Mercury Magazine (Astronomical Society of the Pacific), Vol. 33 #3 (May-June 2004)

Encyclopedia Entries
Fall of Constantinople-- Colonial America: An Encyclopedia (M.E. Sharpe, 2005)
Open Door Policy in China --Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (M.E. Sharpe, 2005)
1936 Berlin Olympics – United States at War: Understanding Conflict & Society (ABC-CLIO, 2006)
Propaganda -- Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War (ABC-CLIO, 2006)
Whitman Massacre -- Encyclopedia of U.S. Indian Policy & Law (C.Q. Press, 2009)
Whitman Massacre – Oregon Encyclopedia [Online]

Book Reviews
Jennings Wagoner, Jefferson & Education, in Journal of Southern History (Fall, 2005)
Andrew Burstein, Democracy's Muse: How Thomas Jefferson Became an FDR Liberal, a Reagan Republican, and Tea Party Fanatic, All the While Being Dead, in Presidential Studies Quarterly (2017)